Who we are?

We aren’t just a shop, we are a community. We are a well-rounded team focused on customer experience and
customer satisfaction. We are professional eBay sellers. One goal has connected us. The goal is to help people to get back on eBay after suspension.

eBay is very strict nowadays. However, we are the only one in the market who never leave their customers behind. We will help you with any issues you got!

We understand you want to get back online and start selling ASAP. Our goal is to not only give you an eBay account no matter what, but to make sure you are satisfied with your new account. We don’t just want to have happy customers, but to have happy relationships where all who buy from us can leave in a better position than when they came to us.
Just contact us, and see how fast you’ll get a response.

Satisfaction Guarantee 100%
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