How to Create a Stealth PayPal Account


How to Create a Stealth PayPal Account


Having your revenue stream brought to a halt due to a PayPal account suspension or restriction can be a nerve-racking experience. Luckily a PayPal stealth account can be a resolution.


Once you have set up your PayPal stealth account using a residential proxy, you will once again have access to this service. Moreover, if you reside in an area where PayPal is restricted, a residential proxy, combined with a stealth account, will grant you full access to all PayPal services.


However, the process of setting up an undetectable PayPal stealth account involves some curveballs. However, once you know exactly what to do, you can successfully use the account long-term. This article takes you through creating a stealth PayPal account and everything you need to know at every stage of the process.


What Is a PayPal Stealth Account?


A PayPal stealth account is a PayPal account created using an alias. It’s managed using a different IP address to your real IP and unique details. A stealth PayPal account allows you access to your money again if your account has been suspended or you require access from a country where the service is restricted.


Benefits of a PayPal Stealth Account


There are a few reasons you might need a PayPal stealth account, which we’ll detail below.


Your Main PayPal Account Is Blocked or Restricted


Your stealth account serves as a backup PayPal account if, for whatever reason, and without considering the effect, PayPal decides to block or restrict your account. In this scenario, it would be a waste of time creating a new account using the same information as on your original account. It’ll end up getting suspended as well.


In addition to using your identity, PayPal uses your email address and browser to track you. Therefore, creating an untraceable stealth account is a solution for getting around this.


Using in Restricted Regions


You might be surprised to know that PayPal’s complete services are only offered in less than 30 countries worldwide. It’s either unavailable in the other countries, or the service is restricted to sending money only. Countries with limited PayPal services are mainly in Asia and Africa, without a better alternative.


To use PayPal from an unsupported country, you’d need to create a PayPal stealth account.


How to Create a Stealth PayPal Account


PayPal tries to prevent the creation of alternative and stealth accounts. Therefore, some stealth in your approach is required. The details need to be as unique as possible to avoid a footprint being detected and the account being flagged.


For the longevity of your PayPal stealth account, your details must be unique and as authentic as possible. There are three groups of details that need to be unique:


    • Person Information
    • Browser
    • IP address


If these details are kept unique, then the likelihood of PayPal detecting your stealth account is significantly reduced. These are the steps involved in creating your PayPal stealth account:


    • New IP address
    • New windows user account
    • New web browser
    • New full name
    • New email address
    • New home address
    • New date of birth
    • New Stealth social security number
    • New mobile or home phone number
    • New bank account
    • New virtual credit card


Here is what’s required at each step:


1. New IP Address


PayPal utilizes a user’s unique IP address to identify them. If they find two accounts with the same IP footprint, they’ll decide that the accounts are being managed from the same device, thus, owned by the same person. For this reason, you must use a new IP address.


This is the first resource you’ll need to acquire since everything else depends on its registered location. The IP address should be in a country that supports PayPal and where your account will be registered. Your new home address and phone number must also be within a 50-mile radius of the IP address location.


To set up your new PayPal stealth account, you will need to use a new IP address. While some may recommend using a VPN for this purpose, a VPN really is not the best option. The better option is to utilize a residential proxy.


Residential proxies are proxy servers that feature one or multiple IP addresses. These have been produced by regional internet service providers.


Residential proxy IP addresses look very genuine, as they appear to look exactly like the IP address of a normal residential internet user. PayPal won’t ever be able to tell the difference.


2. New Windows User Account


PayPal may likely have installed cookie software on your computer to identify you. You can use a different computer not used to access your previous PayPal account if you prefer. On the other hand, it’s more cost-effective and practical to create a new Windows account using your current computer – especially if you wish to develop several stealth accounts.


Ensure your new Windows account does not have shared access to files in any other Windows user account.


3. New Web Browser


If not correctly configured, your web browser can uncover enough information for PayPal to detect you as a previous user. In addition, it can reveal your actual IP number and “browser fingerprint” itself with its configuration details.


Clearing browser cookies won’t be enough, and it will just give PayPal the suspicion that you’re trying to hide your identity. So instead, install a new web browser that you didn’t use before, then reconfigure it to confirm it does not reveal your IP address or other information. Otherwise, it could cause your new accounts to be linked to your old ones.


4. New Full Name


You’ll need to come up with a new full name. If you need some assistance, there are online fake generator tools available to provide you with phony info for a person that doesn’t exist. With tools like FakeNameGenerator, you can select a persona profile from anywhere in the world. You’ll be provided with a name, location, D.O.B, browser, and many other distinctive details.


You can save the details generated into a .CSV file for easier access. The full name, D.O.B, and email address can be used as personal info for your stealth account.


5. New Email Address


Your real name should not be registered to the new email account you will use for your stealth account. It can be inserted automatically via the “From” line of an email you send to PayPal. Even opening an email sent from PayPal can pose a risk to your stealth account. PayPal may use covert tactics to get enough information to “link” you as a previous user.


6. New Home Address


The new home address you use should be within a 50-mile radius of the city where your IP server is located. In addition, it should be a genuine residential address, as it will be checked via the AVS (Address Verification Service) system. Therefore, if you decide to use a fake info generator, you won’t be able to use the home address details as it doesn’t exist.


To get around this, it would be ideal to give the address of someone you know and trust who will receive mail on your behalf. This way you’ll still be able to receive returned parcels from customers, for example.


On the other hand, it may not be practical, as the address you provide must be in the vicinity of your IP number’s location, and your VPN provider rarely offers the choice of a static IP’s exact location. It’s best to choose an address with a stable residency, e.g., a family home with long-time occupants, instead of an apartment where the tenants change from time to time.


Once you submit your virtual credit card to PayPal, the address verification is carried out and only confirms a matching street number and ZIP code. However, the address can be rechecked manually by a PayPal employee at any time. At that point, they may also check the name of the resident. So, note the current resident’s surname/family name/last name at the address.


7. New Date of Birth


The D.O.B you give must reflect that you are of a legal age to conduct business on PayPal.


8. New Stealth Social Security Number


The stealth ssn is the most important item, if it’s valid your new stealth PayPal account will be 100% secure and operating. To get new ssn send us message for more details.


9. New Mobile or Home Phone Number


You can provide either a residential number or mobile number for verification. At a minimum, the residential number should be in the same area code as the home address provided. It’s best to provide a mobile number to make phone verification easier. PayPal will send you an automated call or text message with a code. Therefore, the number must be accessible to you.


As PayPal grows more vigilant than ever, it is not advisable to try using VOIP, call-forwarding, or text-messaging services for phone verification. Methods like these defeat the purpose of their security measures, so they’ll be making efforts to prevent its use.


It’s better to get an actual cell phone in the area code of the home address provided, as at some point, you’ll be expected to be able to accept a call from them. And they’d expect you to be using your verified or registered number.


10. New Bank Account


The bank account you provide for PayPal withdrawals should either be your own or belong to a trusted person and should never be used with another PayPal account. It needs to be capable of receiving two micro-deposits sent by PayPal via ACH transfer for bank verification. You only need to provide an actual bank account number and routing number, not a name, when you add it.


This bank account must never be used as a funding source to add money to your PayPal balance or to make purchases through PayPal. If you do, PayPal will see that the actual name on the bank account does not match that of your PayPal account, and your account will be flagged.


On the other hand, PayPal cannot see the name on the bank account when you add the bank account to your PayPal profile, when they carry out the bank verification, or when you withdraw money from PayPal.


The unavoidable fact is that the real name on your given bank account will not match the fake name given on your PayPal account. Some banks will verify that the name of their account holder matches the name of the payee specified in an ACH transfer and reject the transfer if it does not.


However, generally speaking, if the two ACH micro-deposits from PayPal to the bank account are successfully received, then it shows that the bank will accept your deposits even if the names do not match. If so, you can make withdrawals to that bank.


11. New Virtual Credit Card


This type of pre-paid gift card functions with the VISA or MasterCard network and can be used to make transactions just like a physical credit or debit card.


A virtual credit card is needed to add a card to your PayPal account to:


    • Verify your address
    • To remove the $500 per month withdrawal limit from your account


The reason for using a virtual credit card is that PayPal can always see the name and address on the payment card you attach to your account. However, a virtual credit card can be registered to any name and address after receiving it.


Virtual credit cards have a pre-loaded balance that cannot be reloaded. What you receive at purchase are simply the card details, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code.


Once all the above is in place, you’re ready to create and register a stealth account via PayPal.


Use a Residential Proxy for a PayPal Stealth Account


PayPal is a widely accepted online payment method, the most accepted in the whole world. That said, its service is still unavailable for use in several countries around the world. This is why PayPal stealth accounts are often used, to gain access to PayPal in countries where it would otherwise be impossible.


The bottom line is that setting up a PayPal stealth account is not an easy task. However, by using a residential proxy, you can trick PayPal into thinking that you live in a country that does allow its use.


Along with authentic account information, that residential proxy can grant you full access to all PayPal services. If you follow all of the tips provided in today’s article, you should be able to set up a PayPal stealth account without issue.


Do I Still Need a VPN If I Am Using a Residential Proxy? 


While a residential proxy is the best option for setting up a PayPal stealth account, they aren’t 100% foolproof. For this reason, to help provide you with an additional layer of security, using a VPN or virtual private network is still recommended.


Your residential proxy is unlikely to fail, but if it does, your information and real IP address will be at risk. For this reason, having a VPN as a backup is essential. You don’t want PayPal catching on to what you are doing.


A VPN also acts as a second line of defense against the dreaded DNS leak, where criminals intercept the communications between your browser and DNS.


Simply put, a DNS leak, also known as an IP leak, puts your real information at risk. Using a VPN as a backup to your residential proxy can help to greatly reduce these security risks. Using a combination of a residential proxy and VPN will provide you with the most security and anonymity possible.


I’m Still Can’t Make Stealth Account on My Own!


If you stuck anywhere in the above steps talk to us and we will help you out or you can buy a ready made solid stealth paypal account from our shop directly.

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